Canis Arctos

Wood Elf Ranger Outlander (M1 Dragon)


From the far northern forest of Kanata, Canis Arctos has wandered far and wide, exploring the world outside his forest as he crosses into adulthood. Hearing rumors of the festival, and curious to see just how massive, populous, and spectacular Vereen is, he has spent the past few days exploring the north and northwestern areas of the city, naturally attracted as he is to the gardens and unable to resist his curiosity about the palace and the knowledge center that is the university. He has often traveled alone and is not used to the noise and clamor of the city – the change from the quiet routine of life with his family or of exploring by himself with only the animals of the forest for company is startling. While he is slowly adjusting to these new situations, he prefers to sit back and watch a situation unfold and then react accordingly (although his limited social experience means these reactions can be awkward at times).

He wears simple leather armor (light) over his traveler’s clothes, a handmade and well-weathered longbow and quiver slung across his back, and a shortsword on each hip. His prize possession, however, is the wolf pelt he wears over it all, a habit borne of many cold winters in the north and of his clan’s ancestral respect and reverence of the beast, one of the elite hunters of his world.

Canis Arctos

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