Jhasinn Shekyanjiir

Dragonborn Fighter (Eldritch Knight)


Jhasinn is a young dragonborn, but she seems to carry the weight of the world on her shoulders. She is tall and stocky, her larger-than-average build only accentuated by her chain mail and the two massive weapons hanging over her shoulders. Her scales are a deep rust color, with a crest of gold atop her head which almost resembles hair. Her eyes are the same gold with flecks of red. Around her neck is a chain of glittering scarlet and gold scales, at her waist a small pan flute made of orc finger-bones.


Clan Shekyanjiir is a young clan, small in number but already steeped in tradition. Or at least it was before the orcs came.

Jhasinn was five years old when they came, slaughtering everything in their path. Her mother hid her, but she could still hear their screams and smell the blood and burning flesh. When it was all over, she alone emerged to find everyone she had ever known and loved was gone.

She wandered from clan to clan for the next ten years, searching for a new family to help her avenge her old. The clan leaders took pity on her for a while, but eventually each one cast her aside, deeming her more trouble than she was worth.

On Jhasinn’s fifteenth birthday, one of the clan leaders gave her a small, rickety sailboat and told her she would be better off leaving the islands that had been her home. For the last two years she has been sailing up the coast, searching for the orcs that stole her life, and killing any others with the orc blood that may happen to cross her path.

Jhasinn Shekyanjiir

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