Heldalel Liadon

Wood Elf Ranger


Born in a hidden village in the seemingly eternal Everwood forest about 15 days journey south of Vereen. Heldalel, like the other children, was raised to hunt and live off the land by the members of his village, this caused a natural transition into becoming a ranger. A few years after reaching manhood, Heldalel was struck with wanderlust and decided to explore the rest of the forest he calls his home and its surrounding area. This experience has given him skills in surviving even the harshest forest environment and has given him special knowledge in tracking and killing many of the common beasts he came across.

In his travels he would come across Orc parties every now and then as they like to use the forest for its resources, namely wood. Through these experiences he has learned orcish and the ability to fight when necessary to defend the forest.

His lack of exposure to other cultures though has made him wary of non-elves and he has a hard time trusting and having faith in those not of his race or background. He has traveled to Vereen for the festival in order to find adventure to broaden his horizons and to learn about people and places outside the Everwood forest.

Heldalel Liadon

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