The Seasons of Erised

The land of Erised. A land of countless riches, multitudes of unique people and numerous kingdoms. Over the course of history, many wars have broken out between neighboring kingdoms but the land has been in a period of sustained peace for nearly three generations. However, there have been rumblings throughout the land in recent years that the same may not be said in the near future.

Vereen, the economic hub in the kingdom of Ephoros, sits on the lake to which it gets its name. For the last year, drought like conditions have forced the once bustling city into a period of economic and social decline. In addition, Odell, the lord of Vereen, a leader well liked by his people, has not been seen in public for nearly 3 years. All public communication from the governing body of the city has been taken over by his steward, to which the residents of the city have much disdain.

With city in decline the governing body decides to attempt to satisfy the people by throwing the largest celebration the area has ever seen for the yearly Feast of Zunri, God of wealth and trade.

Our adventure begins as the heroes find themselves amidst these celebrations in Vereen as further events unfold…