Gorain Irontome

Hill Dwarf Cleric (Knowledge)


The years have treated this Hill-Dwarf well. Gorain is devoid of scars, free of blemishes, and lacks any of the wear and tear one would expect of an adventurer of such advanced years. What is visible of his face beneath a polished silvery helm is wrinkled and his beard has as much gray as it does brown. His eyes are oddly pale and may show the early signs of cataracts. Gorain is of average height an build for a member of the Dwarven hill-clans. Dressed in Scale Mail and carrying a Moradin-crested shield Gorain looks ready for battle in form though perhaps not in bearing.


The death of the Golden Dwarves’ king brought drastic change to Eartheart. The great temple, dedicated to Moradin, was locked down and restricted to royalty. Not long after, the new king, Goldemar, began sending troops to raid smiths, alchemists, and jewelers, stealing their ancient blueprints and recipes and secreting them away. All progress and expansion came to a grinding halt and the city was plunged into chaos and squalor. This suffering lasted for over a hundred years before the elders of East Rift finally admitted the new king’s flaws and saw that he had had had violated Moradin’s higher law with his decrees.

Gorain grew up in an especially poor part of Eartheart, the capitol of the East Rift, during the early years of Goldemar’s reign. After many battles with neighboring Orcs his father gained considerable fame as a soldier. Their family’s social standing was improved to the point that his mother was permitted to work as a temple scribe, though their home was searched every night to be certain that nothing was taken. Through both of Gorain’s parent’s efforts his family was eventually permitted to join clan Irontome.

Around the age of thirty, with his elder sister already off at war, Gorain’s mother had him begin studying the teachings the of Moradin; soon after he joined the church as a researcher, primarily studying books and abandoned ruins. While working one evening Gorain dropped, and shattered, an old tablet; when he reached out to pick it up his touch caused it became whole once again. Gorain convinced himself that he had only imagined it breaking in the first place. A few weeks later a stalactite fell from the ceiling and impaled his friend’s shoulder near neck. When Gorain placed his hand upon the wound the bleeding miraculously slowed and his friend survived long enough for a healer to arrive. Gorain could not ignore the signs any longer and went to the temple leaders to explore his newfound abilities. Soon after he was admitted as one of Moradin’s clerics.

Over a hundred years later, with his training complete and with Goldemar finally overthrown, there is little left of importance for him to do in Eartheart. Gorain has set out into the world to see that his people’s recent troubles are not suffered by others. Gorain’s conviction is strong but his real-world experience is lacking. Nevertheless, no one will be permitted to put their greed for knowledge and power before the good of the people and no corrupt law will stand before Moradin’s will.

Gorain Irontome

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