Gwirk Mudspore

Svirfneblin Druid from the Upperdark-NG


Gwirk Mudspore is a sturdy and scruffy looking Deep Gnome but by no means brutish. Bald like most males of his race he does wear a shaggy silver haired goatee. He is quite agile to be sure with a stoic confidence when judging his abilities. He wears studded leathers made from boiled minotaur skins that he has had fashioned to make sturdy boots and and protective toothy paldrens & polelyns. He is a steady shot with a crossbow or tossing his hand ax when he’s not swinging it from behind his shield. Otherwise he will draw forth a quarterstaff made from the tap root of an Iron Wood tree when he walks about or wishes to keep foes engaged at a distance.

He carries a well serviced backpack with all the necessities for adventure. He’s a bit of a rock hound and will pick up interesting rough stones that he may deem worthy to be polished and sold for jewellery that his race is known for crafting. With his keen eyesight he can spot a gold vein or uncut gem from forty yards in complete darkness. That goes for any foe that wishes to tangle with him at their own peril.


Gwirk Mudspore is a 1st Tier Initiate in the Druid Circle of the Glowing Pools of Eldath. His day to day exploits lend him to being a gem trader from the Upperdark. He has made many trips to the Surface to come to most large towns and cities to offer his expertly cut stones and baubles. He also trades in rare herbs that can only be found either on the Surface or beneath it. His needs in life aren’t very grand but what gold he can collect he saves for his clan’s needs and to see that they are well kept and protected in the darkness of their deep barrows.

He does his best to avoid outright confrontations though his hatred for Goblins provokes his most inner ire. Due to raids by these filthy evil creatures upon his kin, his blood boils at the mention, scent or sight of them. He has studied these creatures for many years and has picked up their language to gain an edge in their dealings and how to best avoid them when he is at a disadvantage due to being outnumbered by their hoard.

He has a penchant for strong flavored elixirs that most individuals would offer only an “ick-face” if ever offered a sip. Not that he is a drunk by any means, it is just that his pallet has a deep curiosity for strange and rare flavors. Though is lower constitution can put him at a disadvantage when imbibing new and exotic flavors…he no less looks to brave his gut for a taste like no other.

Gwirk Mudspore

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